Ohio County Sheriff's Office Divisions

Process Server - Mr. Randy Sleeth

Serves all manner of civil and criminal legal processes to residents and businesses in Ohio County.

Training and Equipment- Major Matt Moore

Oversees and coordinates the training for members of the OCSO. Manages the OCSO fleet of vehicles and other department equipment.

K9- Commander Cpl. Rich White

Vetta, Kruz, Silver, and Zoro. Trained in tracking, narcotics, and apprehension.

The Ohio County Sheriff’s Office currently has three certified Patrol Dogs in service. K9 Silver is a 2 year old German shepherd. K9 Zoro is a 3 year old German shepherd. K9 Kruz is a 6 year old Dutch shepherd. Each year these dogs are certified in the areas of apprehension, narcotics, building searches, and obedience. The K9 division also conducts numerous K9 demonstrations at community events. In addition to these events the K9 Division is used in school searches and Dare Graduations.

K9 Vetta is a 10 year old German shepherd who is currently certified in narcotics and will retire in September of 2018 after 9 years of service.

Prevention Resource Officers - Commander Chief Deputy Schultz

2- Wheeling Park High School, 1- Madison, 1 Middle Creek Elementary, 1- West Liberty & Bethlehem, and 1 - Warwood School

Our PRO's instruct DARE at all of the above schools plus: St. Michaels, Wheeling Country Day, Warwood Elementary, Linsly, Woodsdale, Steenrod
The PRO program is a cooperative effort between schools and law enforcement to: Improve student’s attitudes and knowledge of criminal justice and law enforcement: to prevent juvenile delinquency; to mentor youth; to provide a safer school environment and: to combine safety and child advocacy assuring a better school experience for all WV youth.

Sheriff Howard is the PRO liaison for the Northern Panhandle and the State of West Virginia DARE Coordinator.

Detective Division: Lt. Doug Ernest

The detective division investigates felony and various misdemeanor crimes. The detective division acts as support to assist the road patrol division in their investigation of crimes.

Cpl Seifert is the domestic violence compliance officer. As the domestic violence compliance officer Cpl. Seifert oversees domestic violence cases in Ohio County working with the prosecutor’s office and advocates to ensure that victims receive appropriate services. Cpl Siefert also facilitates the Batter’s Intervention Prevention Program in Ohio County.

Home Confinment - Mr. Joe Sipos and Mr. Bill Criswell

Ohio County Home Confinement provides offenders, both adult and juvenile, the opportunity to live at home in a strictly monitored environment instead of being incarcerated for their offenses. It gives them the opportunity to work, be with their family, and become a productive member of society. Being on home confinement helps alleviate the burden on the taxpayers, for the cost of incarceration. The offenders often pay a fee to be in the program. The fee does not fully fund the program, but it does defray some of the cost.

All Ohio County Home Confinement Officers are trained and have a background in Law Enforcement.

Home Confinement Officers conduct unannounced visits with the clients and  look for any behavior that violates court orders. This may include drug and alcohol use, associating with people of disreputable behavior, or even curfew violations. In addition, Home Confinement Officers also perform random drug screening.

Home Confinement utilizes a variety of methods to keep track of clients. Officers use field test kits for drugs, breathalyzers for alcohol, and a GPS bracelet to keep track of the location and activities of those in the program. The GPS shows the officers the exact location of the clients and alerts the Officers of any violations. It also tells the Officers if the bracelet has been tampered with. The GPS units enable the officer to monitor the clients twenty-four hours a day.

Ohio County Home Confinement also handles those individuals that are ordered to serve community service for violations they commit.