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State of West Virginia Homepage

West Virginia Attorney General

West Virginia Legislature

West Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Service

West Virginia Internet Law Library

West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles

Listing of West Virginia License Plates

West Virginia Legal Information Center

Ohio County West Virginia, Census Information

City of Wheeling Convention and Visitor Bureau

Storm Mountain Training Center ~ a premier training facility for military, law enforcement and counter-terrorism personnel, located in West Virginia

West Virginia Law Enforcement Links

Bridgeport Police Department

Charleston Police Department

Clarksburg Police Department

Department of Natural Resources

Dunbar Police Department

Hancock County Sheriff's Department

Huntington Police Department

Marshall University Police Department

Mineral County Sheriff's Department

Parkersburg Police Department

West Virginia State Police

West Virginia University Police Department

WV and National Legal Resources

First Judical Circuit, Public Defender Corp., Wheeling, WV

National College for DUI Defense

Law Crawler, Legal Web Search

Find Law, Internet Legal Resources

National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action

Internet Law Library

United States Department of Justice Bureau of Statistics

Law Enforcement Related Links

Calibre Press ~ Home of the "Street Survival Newsline"

Police Guide Web Site

Firearms Tactical Institute

Crime Scene Investigation

Police Collector News Online

Staggs Publishing ~ Police Photography Books and Tips


Web of Justice

Police Stressline

Badges Law Enforcement Discussion Group

Lt. Bucky's Homepage


The Flash's Homepage

Law Enforcement Links ~ A Law Enforcement guide to the Internet

Police Directory ~ the Police Officer's Internet directory

COPSONLINE ~ the World's leading Law Enforcement site

Streetcops IRC Network

APB Online

F.O.P. Grand Lodge

Shryock Communications EL Dorado, Arkansas

Officer David R. Payne Memorial

APB Online

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The following were complied by "The Police Marksman" Magazine

Action Target, Inc. ~ Indoor/Outdoor range equipment

Advanced Field Systems ~ Tactical Equipment

Advanced Interactive System ~ Range Instruction Simulator

Alert Systems International ~ Emergency Lights and Sirens

Alpec Team, Inc. ~ Bio Shield and Tear Gas Neutralizer

American Handcuff Company

Ampel Probe Corp. ~ Infectious Disease Protection

Arizona Response Systems ~ Gunsmithing, Refinishing, Glock Grips

Armour of America ~ Manufacturesr of LEGUARD Ballistics Vests

Benelli Usa Corp. ~ Pump to Semi-auto Shotguns

Beretta USA ~ Firearms and Training Courses

Bianchi International ~ Top Quality Leather, Nylon and AccuMold

Big Sky Racks ~ Electronic-Locking Weapon Mounts

Blue Willow Books ~ Pocket Partner, Written for Law Enforcement

Boker USA, Inc. ~ Boker Tree Brand Knives

California Association of Tactical Officers

Casco International ~ Police Batons

CCI Speer/Federal ~ Ammunition

Close Quarters Solutions ~ "aggressive control tactics" Videos

Counter Assault ~ OC-10 Pepper Spray

Countermeasures Tactical Institute ~ Tactical Training

Crimson Trace Laser ~ Hi-intensity Laser Sighting

Crosman Airguns ~ Airguns and Ammunition

Florida Law Enforcement Links

F.O.P Lodge 87, Coral Springs

Illinois Law Enforcement Links

Crete Police Association

Massachusetts Law Enforcement Links

Boston Police Explosive Ordnance Unit

Missouri Law Enforcement Links

Missouri Law Enforcement Officers Online

New Jersey Law Enforcement Links

Hudson County Sheriff's Department

Ohio Law Enforcement Links

Auglaize County Sheriff's Department

Belmont County Sheriff's Department

Dillonvale Police Department

Reynoldsburg Police Department

South Carolina Law Enforcement Links

Cayce Department of Public Safety

Tennessee Law Enforcement Links

Hendersonville Police Department

Memphis Police Department

Chattanooga Police SWAT Team

Wyoming Law Enforcement Links

Wyoming Cops

Canadian Law Enforcement Links

Royal Newfoundland Constabulary ~ Newfoundland, Canada

United Kingdom Law Enforcement Links

D.J.'s Little Bit of England ~ Preston, Lancashire, England

Lancashire Constabulary ~ Lancashire, England