Sheriff's Office Contact Numbers

Most of these numbers are only answered during business hours. If you have an emergency, or require immediate assistance;

please call 304-234-3607 or DIAL 911.

Ohio County Tax Office 304-234-3688
Control Room 304-234-3680
Reports / CCW Permits 304-234-3792
Chief Deputy John Schultz 304-234-6449
Chief Deputy Drage Flick 304-234-3881
Lt. Rod Vaught (Equipment and Training) 304-234-3745
Major Nelson Croft (Road Patrol) 304-234-6444
Detective Major Doug Ernest 304-234-3872
Detective Sergenat Nicole Seifert (Domestic Violence Compliance Officer) 304-234-3678
Mr. Randy Sleeth (Process Server) 304-234-3669
Ohio County House Arrest 304-234-6404
Ohio Valley Drug Task Force 304-234-6092