Employment FAQs

What is the starting salary for your department?


As of July 2023, The starting salary for uncertified Ohio County Deputies is $44,179. West Virginia Certified Deputy/Officer starts at $48,174.



How much vacation/sick time is earned?


Probationary officers receive 1 1/4 vacation days and 1 1/2 sick days each month. Deputies also receive Holiday time.



Does your department have health insurance?


Employees of the Ohio County Commission receive full medical insurance, Eye, and Dental insurance.



Is there an age requirement for Deputy Sheriffs?


Applications are accepted from persons 18 to 45 years of age. There is mandatory retirement at the age of 65



What training or schooling do I need to apply?


As with anything, the more job-specific training you have the better. We do not require any training or college degrees. We only require a High School Diploma or equivalent. After being hired, you will attend the West Virginia State Police Academy to complete the Basic Officer Training Program. This consists of classroom hours, as well as Firearms training, Defensive driving, and other related subjects. The academy is approximately 15 weeks long, depending on holidays. You will be required to stay on Academy grounds. All travel, personal, and schooling expenses are paid for by the department.



Do I have to live in WV to take the test?


NO, anyone can take the exam. Ohio County now allows Deputies to live within 25-air miles of the center of Ohio County. This would allow Deputies to live in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.



Is the fitness test given on the same day as the written test?


NO, There will be a physical agility test given to all applicants who pass the written test. If you pass the written test, you will be notified of the details of the physical agility test. ; Click here ;for physical fitness requirements.



Do I receive extra test points for my Military Service?


If you are active Military, Reserve, or National Guard; or have been Honorably Discharged, you will receive 5 additional points. However, we must receive a copy of your DD214 or ID Card, before you test.



Do I receive extra test points for being a WV Certified LEO?


If you are a Certified West Virginia Law Enforcement Officer, you will receive 5 additional points. However, we must receive a copy of your Academy Certificate, before you test.



Does your Department have take-home cruisers?
Yes. Members who have completed the Academy and have completed their probationary period are issued a cruiser.